This book will help you improve your return on investment by helping you design and build a more efficient system up front, and also increase the useful lifespan of your system through planned, effective upgrades. We have gone through the whole test system lifecycle, from initial planning decisions to lifetime costs and future system upgrades.

You can also use this book to manage a supplier more smoothly if you decide to contract out design and/or construction of your test system, or of any work packages from the test system project. The issues in each chapter can be used as a guide to discuss how your contractor will manage these points, as you will still need to be able to check your contractor’s approach to your satisfaction.

From the Back Cover

In Test System Design: A Systematic Approach, three expert testing professionals offers start-to-finish best practices for designing, developing, and implementing custom test systems. Ideal for both engineers who are creating test systems and those contracting the responsibility to third parties, this book covers the entire system lifecycle, from planning to upgrades, and beyond.

Discover proven techniques for evaluating your testing requirements, eliminating redundant tests, and determining exactly which equipment you really need. Compare your options for sourcing test equipment, and learn how to maximize the value of every supplier relationship. Learn better solutions for documenting your test systems, training your operators, streamlining your maintenance programs, and more. No matter what your testing challenges are, Test System Design is your comprehensive resource for achieving them faster and more cost effectively.