Avalon Electronics was founded in 1979 to develop and market a range of high performance data recorders. Today, the company enjoys an international reputation for innovative product design, reliability and quality of workmanship. Avalon offers a complete range of products from compact 8, 12 and 18 MHz Wideband Analog S-VHS Cassette Recorders to the state-of-the-art in 50MHz / 1Gbit/s Disk Recorders and SIGINT Data Capture and Analysis Systems.

Initially Avalon standardised on the S-VHS helical scan technology throughout its product range and has consistently led the field in the development of S-VHS recorders for data capture and analysis applications. In1997 Avalon introduced a range of analog and digital recorders based on linear DLT format. In 2000 Avalon introduced disk array recorders with bandwidths of up to 50MHz and data throughputs in excess of 1 Gigabits /sec.

Product Examples

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