Apogee Labs, Inc. designs and manufactures modular product solutions for the defense industry, as well as for commercial technology and aerospace companies. Engineers at Apogee, using leading edge technology, develop equipment that is capable of moving, testing, converting, and recording data in a fast and efficient manner. With over 11 years in telemetry, Apogee has developed expertise with Ethernet, digital video, communications, and networking.

Apogee’s products are grouped into seven main families:

a.. Interfacers: Modular data interface products.
b.. Multiplexers: Rugged and rack mount systems.
c.. Recorders: Supports a wide range of digital media.
d.. Test Equipment: Bit Error Rate and Data Link testers.
e.. Data Acquisition: Supports over 1000 discrete analog inputs per system.
f.. Satellite Tracking: Gear for satellite tracking and control systems.
g.. RF Link: COFDM transmitters and receivers for composite data streams.
h.. Additional Products: Mature products supporting a variety of applications

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